Commercial Specific Work

Urban Painting & Decorating are commercial painting and restorations specialists. Our scope of services includes interior and exterior painting including roofs for commercial buildings.
Commercial painting time frames are important, we understand that and have tailored our workflow strategies to complete works efficiently and with minimal disturbance. Our flexible approach for commercial engagements means we can work during the evening or on the weekend while you and your team are away from the office to ensure your working day is not disrupted.

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NB: All works are inspected after 12 months to ensure 100% satisfaction

  • Heritage Restoration Works

    Heritage Restoration Works

    When Experience Matters! Urban Painting and Decorating have over 10 years experience working and restoring paint finishes in Federation and…

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  • Commercial Interiors

    Commercial Interiors

    Flexible Solutions! Urban Painting and Decorating are specialists at painting or re-painting large factories and/or office interiors. This type of…

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  • Commercial Exteriors

    Commercial Exteriors

    When First Impressions Count! Renders or brickwork are easily painted using our access equipment allowing us to safely and efficiently…

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  • Commercial Roofs

    Commercial Roofs

    Protection and Cost Cutting! Roofs are generally painted in Dulux Cool Roof™ with InfraCOOL® Technology white. This helps reflect up…

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  • Multiple Sites

    Multiple Sites

    Franchises & Multi Site Businesses. We commonly carry out full internal or external fit-outs for franchise or multi site business.…

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  • Signage


    Professional Branding! Urban Painting and Decorating commonly paint backgrounds prior to new signs being fitted. Carefully painting corporate colours and…

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  • Hygienically Painted Floors

    Hygienically Painted Floors

    Food Handling Areas, Factories and Hospitals. Concrete surfaces can be cleaned sealed and coated with low VOC Dulux protective coatings…

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  • Protective Coatings and Graffiti Protection

    Protective Coatings and Graffiti Protect

    Cheap Insurance! Urban Painting and Decorating offer an anti graffiti barrier system which is a clear coat that goes over…

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  • Workshops


    Improve WHS and Visual Apprearance! We can clean and paint large concrete floors with anti bacteria, oil and solvent proof…

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  • Non Slip Finish

    Non Slip Finish

    When Safety comes First! Adding a non slip additive to painted floors especially entrances, steps, ramps and other high traffic…

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  • Sealants


    Easy Care Solutions! Special sealants can be applied to doors and glass hand rails, posts and other high traffic areas…

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