Painting & Decorating Services

We are trustworthy, reliable painters and decorators specialising in painting both the interior and exterior of medium to large full houses. We are also specialists in the restoration of paint finishes for heritage listed properties.

Our business is structured to allow 3 -4 highly experienced tradesmen to transform a residential premises inside and out from a tired worn out look to a brand new vibrant residence in a matter of 1-2 weeks. Dramatically increasing value for sale or just a fresh new look to re connect you with your home.

We offer a obligation free quoting service so contact Richard today to discuss having your next painting project carried out by our Dulux accredited team.

Call Urban Painting & Decorating today for a quote on 0408 012 582

NB: All works are inspected after 12 months to ensure 100% satisfaction


  • Heritage Restoration Works

    Heritage Restoration Works

    When Experience Matters! Urban Painting and Decorating have over 10 years experience working and restoring paint finishes in Federation and…

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  • Modernising Interiors

    Modernising Interiors

    Renovate v's Decorate! The cost of a complete new kitchen and bathroom can add up quickly but with clever finishes,…

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  • Commercial Interiors

    Commercial Interiors

    Flexible Solutions! Urban Painting and Decorating are specialists at painting or re-painting large factories and/or office interiors. This type of…

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  • Exterior Facelift

    Exterior Facelift

    Take years off your home with a facelift! Full house repaints start from the top down. The first step is…

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  • Commercial Exteriors

    Commercial Exteriors

    When First Impressions Count! Renders or brickwork are easily painted using our access equipment allowing us to safely and efficiently…

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  • Working in with Home Life

    Working in with Home Life

    The 3 Room Plan! Painting a whole house can be disruptive to home life so our aim is to minimise…

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  • Colour Consulting

    Colour Consulting

    Bringing it all Together! Most customers have an idea of the colours they desire. We can than run through the…

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  • Planning and Products

    Planning and Products

    Quality planning achieves quality outcomes! Everything is planned out and explained in detail before any painting begins, clear communication is…

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  • Commercial Roofs

    Commercial Roofs

    Protection and Cost Cutting! Roofs are generally painted in Dulux Cool Roof™ with InfraCOOL® Technology white. This helps reflect up…

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  • Roof Restorations

    Roof Restorations

    A New Look and Increased Efficiency! Old concrete tiled or Colorbond roofs can be instantly transformed with our thorough restoration…

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  • Rendering


    New Look, New price bracket! Rendering can transform a home and bring a new look to an older building. Current…

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  • Painting over Timbers Stains and Varnish

    Painting over Timbers Stains and Varnish

    Take your home from 1950 to 2015 today! Modernising timber finishes is a very popular approach to adding value to…

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  • Multiple Sites

    Multiple Sites

    Franchises & Multi Site Businesses. We commonly carry out full internal or external fit-outs for franchise or multi site business.…

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  • Feature Walls and Products

    Feature Walls and Products

    Works like Magic! Feature walls or feature effects give a focal point that your can than design the rest of…

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  • Signage


    Professional Branding! Urban Painting and Decorating commonly paint backgrounds prior to new signs being fitted. Carefully painting corporate colours and…

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  • Hygienically Painted Floors

    Hygienically Painted Floors

    Food Handling Areas, Factories and Hospitals. Concrete surfaces can be cleaned sealed and coated with low VOC Dulux protective coatings…

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  • Garage Floors

    Garage Floors

    Need More Space? Turning your garage into a playroom, gym, media room or man cave is very popular because of…

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  • Protective Coatings and Graffiti Protection

    Protective Coatings and Graffiti Protect

    Cheap Insurance! Urban Painting and Decorating offer an anti graffiti barrier system which is a clear coat that goes over…

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  • Workshops


    Improve WHS and Visual Apprearance! We can clean and paint large concrete floors with anti bacteria, oil and solvent proof…

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  • Non Slip Finish

    Non Slip Finish

    When Safety comes First! Adding a non slip additive to painted floors especially entrances, steps, ramps and other high traffic…

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  • Sealants


    Easy Care Solutions! Special sealants can be applied to doors and glass hand rails, posts and other high traffic areas…

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  • Driveways, Pathways & Retaining Walls

    Driveways, Pathways & Retaining Wal

    Dressing up your Concrete! It is a simple matter of sufficiently cleaning driveways, pathways and retaining walls. Than re-sealing with…

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  • Fences and Roller Doors

    Fences and Roller Doors

    It's Better when they Match! If your paint is fading or you have ended up with 3 different coloured fences…

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  • Covering Stains or Damaged Surfaces

    Covering Stains or Damaged Surfaces

    Fixing Old Problems for Good! Stained surfaces are unsightly and eye catching. Stain coverups are common around Sydney, whether from…

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  • Ongoing Maintenance

    Ongoing Maintenance

    Free Inspection! Once our job is completed we leave you with a touch up kit for future use and reference.…

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